Know your Neighbourhood

Your online guide to real estate in Hobart

Guide for Renters

Get More Room For Your Rent. A more casualised national workforce coupled with the increasing ability to work remotely means that many people moving to Tasmania opt to rent instead of committing to buying property. Many of the new-Taswegians we…

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Investment Property Hobart

Everyone knows that investing in property is one of the most secure and profitable ways to ensure long-term capital growth. But not everyone knows where and why you can find the best returns. The key is local knowledge. Knowing what…

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Buying Property in Tasmania

Buying property in Tasmania is a shrewd economic and lifestyle decision. Average property prices in the capital, Hobart, are almost half that of Sydney, and the clean environment and accessibility to natural and cultural attractions is unsurpassed by any Australian…

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Suburb Guide

Sandy Bay is widely regarded as one of Hobart’s most prestigious residential areas, boasting private schools and the University of Tasmania as well as an assortment of boutiques and cafés. The tree-lined streets of SandyBay course past both modern and…

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Apartment Guide

Let someone else clean the pool while you enjoy the view. Apartment living is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for the young and ageing alike. The fact that apartments require low maintenance is attractive for young people not enthused by…

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Owning Your Own Home

Ownership is Security. Buying your first home can be an exciting and daunting experience – there are many finance configurations and property options to choose from, and the market is typically very competitive. So you need to be prepared. Do…

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