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Buying Property in Tasmania

Buying property in Tasmania is a shrewd economic and lifestyle decision. Average property prices in the capital, Hobart, are almost half that of Sydney, and the clean environment and accessibility to natural and cultural attractions is unsurpassed by any Australian city.

In fact, Hobart boasts all the elements of a larger city, minus the hassles. The crime rate is the lowest in Australia. Most of the population can get to and from work or school in under 18 minutes (which leaves Tasmanians’ with at least one or two more leisure hours a day than the average Sydneysider). And with about 480 flights coming in and out of four airports around Tasmania every week, it has never been easier to make the short journey to Sydney or Melbourne should the need arise.

But as with any real estate secret worth its salt, detailed local knowledge and experience is necessary to uncover the true pearls. You’ve got to know Hobart to find Hobart – and that’s where Salamanca Realty comes in.

We’re here to help you to navigate the complex path to finding your ideal home. From selecting the right property in the right area, through to organising finance and negotiating the sale, Salamanca Realty works to find the best fit for you.