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Apartment Guide

Let someone else clean the pool while you enjoy the view.

Apartment living is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for the young and ageing alike. The fact that apartments require low maintenance is attractive for young people not enthused by the idea of tending to a yard, as well as retirees looking for a simplified lifestyle. The minimal upkeep required of an apartment is also a boon for investors looking to rent-out their apartment.

The majority of apartments in Hobart are well positioned to take advantage of all that Hobart has to offer. A typical inner city apartment is located within 500 metres of the waterfront and within walking distance to shopping strips and the CBD.

Apartment living also means you have access to services and amenities not common to your average house. These include facilities like gyms, pools, spas, saunas, café’s, and tennis courts. Parking is also a given when you buy an apartment, and many of our properties boast two carparks and a storage room.

The majority of our apartments have a good whitegoods inventory, including a fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, heater and airconditioning.

There are currently several apartment developments under construction in and around Hobart, as well as a range of existing apartments for sale. So whether you’re after an art-deco two-bedroomer or a modern penthouse, give us a call to discuss what apartments are around now, what are available off the plan, and what will be available down the track.